Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sasuke Lemon: Stay With Me

Gosh, why was I paired with Sasuke Uchiha for a mission? I didn’t even like the guy. He was annoying, and arrogant and not to mention extremely good looking. Wait, why did I just say that?

            Okay, I’ll admit it. He was pretty cute. Just not… My type. I don’t care for the emo type, I like the outgoing types, like Naruto. Naruto and I had been dating for about five months, and I’ll admit it, we were going to have our first night together tonight, until we both found out that I had to go on a mission this afternoon.

            So uncalled for I know. I sighed and brushed my long black hair and walked out of my house, I was going to meet Sasuke at the gates to review our mission and then after we were done reviewing, leave.

            I made my way to the gates lazily, I was in no rush to see stupid Sasuke, I wanted to see my boyfriend, my sweet, outgoing, funny boyfriend tonight. Not Sasuke’s grimacing face.

            When I got there Sasuke was already waiting for me. “You’re late.” He grunted turning his body away from me in what I believed to be anger. “Just wanted a few moments to myself before I have to spend the next few days with you.” I retorted under my breath, Sasuke seemed to hear and was slightly annoyed.

            We both reviewed our mission and were off to the waterfall village, which was a considerable distance from Konoha. It would take a while to get there, which was the majority of the trip, and then to hunt down our guy would take a day, and then another long walk back home. Hooray.

            The next few days went by slowly, I was missing Naruto like crazy, and Sasuke was of little consolation and not much company either, can you say boring as a brick?


Before I knew it though, I was back at home. I immediately rushed over to Naruto’s house, not even caring that it was eleven o’ clock at night. I’m sure that Sasuke noticed my excitement once I ditched him at the gate and didn’t even go with him to report the mission to Tsunade, but I didn’t care. I wanted to see my wonderful, amazing boyfriend.

When I reached Naruto’s door I knocked on it rapidly and waited in giddy excitement for him to answer. Sure enough, Naruto came to answer shirtless and in his boxers, his hair was cute and messy.

            “Ami!” Naruto shouted perking up and squeezing me in a tight hug and then he leaned down and kissed me passionately. “So is tonight the night?” Naruto mumbled into my neck while he was kissing it.

            I pulled away and looked at him, “It’s late and I’m tired. How about tomorrow? That way I’ll be on my A-Game!” I insisted smiling tiredly. Naruto just nodded and kissed me once more, asking, me if I’d be okay to walk home alone, I just nodded and kissed him one more time, not wanting to let go. I knew that I had to, and getting home would be so great…

I awoke to a heavy weight on me, at first I thought that it was my cat, but it wasn’t. It was a man. He was kissing me and all over me. I shot up in bed and looked to see who was on me, it was Sasuke.

            I looked down on him and I screamed, he just smirked and pushed me back on the bed with his lips. I was too tired to fight him, so I let him do whatever, I mean, he was cute, and how would Naruto find out anyway?

            Sasuke pulled the sheets off of me and he roughly grabbed my hair and pulled me up into sitting position by it. I was shocked by what he did next, he slid his hands up my shirt and pulled it off, and he wasted no time attaching himself to my right nipple and caressing the other with his fingers.

            I moaned and leaned my head back, leaning to fall back on bed, but Sasuke grabbed me with his free arm and he pressed my body even closer to him, making my back arch in satisfaction, I felt him grin on my nipple.

            He broke his face away from my nipple to take off his own shirt and pants, and then it became apparent what he wanted. It made me think of Naruto and I pulled away from Sasuke and covered my naked chest with my sheets.

            “Sasuke, Naruto will find out. Stop right now.” I ordered pulling the sheet closer to my naked chest. Sasuke just smirked and crawled over me, removing the sheet and pinning my wrists down. “Sasuke!” I half gasped and half yelled.

            Sasuke just smirked and grabbed my wrists with one hand and pulled them over my head, I tried to fight back but I couldn’t, he was too strong. With his other hand he slipped off my pants and my underwear, he inserted two greedy fingers into my opening and I gasped in shock and in pleasure.

            I saw Sasuke’s hungry face as he kept up the pleasure, I was almost embarrassed when I spilled my juices all over him, but he didn’t mind and he mischievously licked his fingers, he slithered up my body to meet my lips and he kissed me and grasped the back of my head with his hand. He then grabbed my long black hair and forced my face down to his crotch.

            I didn’t know what to do so I just started sucking, this being my first time and all I didn’t exactly know what to do, so I just licked up the shaft and started sucking on his head. He moaned and grunted in pleasure and I could see the precum on him, I kept sucking harder trying to repay him for earlier.

            Sasuke didn’t like this and he forcefully removed my head from his manhood and forced me down on the bed, he positioned himself over me and entered me without any warning. My back arched and I squirmed, trying to take him all in and trying to get used to this feeling in me.

            Sasuke didn’t give me time to adjust however; he just kept thrusting harder and harder until I found myself enjoying it. To Sasuke’s embarrassment however, he cummed pretty early, which was fine with me because I could smirk in satisfaction this time, and this made him mad and competitive and he kept going faster and harder until I was moaning and begging for mercy.

            “Serves you right for earlier,” Sasuke said in my ear while nibbling and biting at my neck and earlobe, further adding to my torture and pleasure. I felt myself close to my end and I was determined to take Sasuke to the end with me.

            I squeezed my muscles and I felt Sasuke shudder and gasp into my neck, which made me more than excited and I just lost it after that, I felt his seed pour inside me after my muscles tightened and loosened.

            We both fell over in satisfaction and he just smirked at me, he put on his boxers and handed me my underwear and we fell asleep in each others arms.

            I had almost forgotten about Naruto until I awoke to a “What the fuck Ami?!” in the morning. I shot up in bed revealing my naked breasts as I stared at a shocked Naruto, with a box of chocolates in hand which he immediately dropped.

            “Damn you Sasuke!” Naruto yelled through angry tears as he clenched his fists and turned away, trying not to cry. Sasuke sat up right next to me and he just smirked and laughed slyly. Naruto stomped out, slamming the front door behind him and cursing all the way.

            “Wait, Naruto!” I shouted jumping out of bed and ready to run to the door before Sasuke grabbed my arm and stopped me. I turned to Sasuke in shock and in shame, but Sasuke just gave me a cool stare.

            “Stay with me Ami.” Was all that he simply said, and I just nodded and crawled back into bed with Sasuke for more pleasure and fun.

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