Monday, April 30, 2012

Neji Lemon: Hope Now

Character: Chiyo

Inspiration: The song Not Enough by Avril Lavigne :)

            Neji was waiting for Chiyo to walk through the door that night into their shared apartment. He had a special night prepared for their three year anniversary, and he had everything all planned out. The flowers were all laid out on their king sized bed, and sheets were clean for a night of messy lovemaking.

            He heard the door unlock and he rushed over to greet Chiyo, who had just came from a long day at the veterinary clinic, with a kiss. Before Chiyo could shut the door Neji had already had his lips pressed all over her lips, cheek and neck.

            Chiyo moaned as Neji licked her neck and she entwined her fingers through his long hair, which was hanging down around him. “Let’s go to the room,” Neji suggested as he stared lovingly into Chiyo’s eyes. Neji saw something in her expression change and he frowned, but Chiyo agreed in the end. What Neji saw was something that troubled him, but he didn’t read too much into it.

            Neji grabbed Chiyo’s wrist and pulled her to the bedroom, she remained troubled however. Neji picked her up bridal style and kicked open the door and threw her on the bed, causing her to giggle as Neji shut the door and crawled over her.

            He kissed her lips hard and he growled into the kiss, Chiyo knew that she’d be sore tomorrow but she didn’t care. She let his hands move up and down her sides, eventually stripping her of her shirt.

            Neji kissed down her collar bone and she giggled as his kisses tickled her neck and trailed to the top of her bra. Neji lifted up his head and replaced his hands with where his lips were, Neji looked at Chiyo’s beautiful face and kissed her passionately, and Chiyo sighed into the kiss.

            Chiyo rested her hands on his chest while they kissed each other, both inserting their tongues and twirling them in a sloppy, passionate dance. Chiyo slipped her hands under Neji’s shirt and started rubbing his chest, making him moan. Chiyo smiled into the kiss and removed Neji’s shirt.

            Neji roughly grabbed Chiyo’s pants and pulled them off, Chiyo the returned the favor and roughly pulled off Neji’s pants as well. Neji stared down at Chiyo, drinking in the sight of her in the dim moonlight pouring through the half closed blinds and he smiled a loving smile and kissed her.

            Chiyo wrapped her arms around Neji as he unhooked her bra and removed the last of her clothes and his clothes. They both stared up at each other while Neji made one final move to swiftly connect them and engage both of them in a sweaty, sensual dance.

            They kissed while their lower halves danced passionately and lovingly. Neji never wanted to let go of Chiyo, he loved her so much, as they had been together for three years. He remembered every good moment they had until they both climaxed.

            Then they both laid down and stared at each other naked and sweaty until they both fell into a deep, satisfying sleep.


            Chiyo woke up early in the morning and she gazed at a still sleeping Neji with sadness and yet relief. She got up and gathered her clothes, she put on a shirt and jeans and gathered the rest of her stuff and put it into a suitcase carefully and haphazardly, for she knew that she would not be coming back.

            Chiyo looked at a peacefully sleeping Neji and she sat down and started to write him a letter, just something to let him know that she didn’t leave him without thinking.

            As Chiyo signed her letter, she folded it and put it into an envelope and laid it on her still warm pillow. She knew that Neji would see it once he woke up. Chiyo let a tear slip as she grabbed her suitcase and made her way out slowly. She took everything in, trying to remember all of the happy times and in hopes that she would not forget this place that she was leaving.

            Chiyo made her final exit through the door and sighed in relief as she made her way to God knows where, but she knew that she was finally free.

            Neji awoke later that morning expecting to see a happy, sleeping Chiyo. But all that he saw was a note. Neji quickly shot up out of bed and grabbed the note. He took a look around and noticed that the room was emptier; he felt his heart stop beating as he realized what had happened, what was missing.

            He didn’t even need the letter to break his heart, he stared crying when he realized where Chiyo had gone, but he decided that maybe her letter would give him some degree of closure. He opened up the now tear stained letter and read it with sadness that engulfed and choked him with every breath that he took. If he still had a heart that was whole, he couldn’t feel it over the choking misery.


            Dear Neji,

I’m sorry if this hurt you. But I’ve tried to keep quiet and keep what we had but it just felt wrong.

I always told you that I wanted something different, but you didn’t listen to me. I’m sorry that I had to do this on our three year anniversary, but it was now or never.

This wasn’t enough to keep me happy; I wish that it was but now I think it’s time to call it quits.



Neji needed no further explanation; he knew that he was the reason that he had lost his true love. And all that he could do was fold over and beat his fist into the bed with frantic sobs.

All that he could think of was a quote from Romeo and Juliet which gave him a hint of hope as his sobbing slowed.

"I defy you stars"



  1. your stories tend to have bittersweet endings, such a refresher

    1. Why thank you :D I know that I hate happy endings.

    2. how bout a kabuto or ochimaru (or both at the same time) rape/lemon one-shot

    3. A rape lemon? Oh I do enjoy those! :D I'll get to work on one soon!

  2. OMG! Chiyo is the elder lady from the Sand village who's Sasori's grandmother.